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In the final analysis the sentence of the Tribunal de premiere instance des communautes europeennes of 03/07/2012 was from main repute. It allows the resale of used software licenses, used download software and complete volume license agreements. On 07.17.2013, the Federal Court of Justice approved the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) all at allin all its particulars. The secondhand software in Germany is based on fact on the principle of exhaustion of the copyright law. This stipulates that the distribution right of the copyright holder " exhausted ", when his work is brought " on the market " with his consent. After that the appropriate product is free for selling. This first sale rule applies for software in Germany and throughout the European Union EU. This right may not be effectively restricted in terms and conditions in accordance with � 307 para 2 Conditions No.2 BGB . USC Gebrauchtsoftware is your distributor for used microsoft licenses like Office 2013 Lizenzen.

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