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All those who have ever owned a car will understand that maintaining it can be an expensive and time intensive affair. Still, because there's no real substitute for a lot of us in terms of getting from A to B, a vehicle is an essential commodity. Given that most of us count heavily on our cars for the morning school run, going to and from work and those all-important family trips, anything we can do to lower the impact of wear and tear and running costs will be welcomed.

How Might an MOT Garage Near Me Help?

An MOT is a must have for all vehicles past a certain age because it is the government's way of ensuring that our vehicles are kept in a roadworthy condition and satisfy the existing environmental standards. Vehicle owners can also have assurance knowing their vehicle has passed the test for an additional year and is safe and roadworthy.

The check will highlight the necessity for all fixes and service you require to help make the vehicle roadworthy again. If a vehicle fails the test the necessary repairs must be made before it is issued for re-testing.

If your car will shortly be due for an MOT test you may be concerned with likely charges. Though the test itself will not be very expensive, resulting repairs due to a fail report may well be. Here's some advice on MOT tests that can help you keep a bit of money:

• Check out offers - a number of garages offer servicing at a cheaper price when MOT tests are purchased at the same time.

• Make sure your car is serviced frequently - just like you would with any home appliance. Having your car serviced frequently will help ensure that it stays in prime condition, helping to minimise the risk of any issues coming up at the next MOT.

• Don't neglect the warning signs - the latest vehicles are fairly computerised and can detect if there may be an engine problem. This usually appears as a warning light on the dashboard so don't hold off until your MOT test to deal with this because it could mean your vehicle fails automatically.

• Check the lights - studies show us that one in five cars fail an MOT test on account of light bulbs not operating. Straightforward troubles such as these can be swiftly fixed and save you the hassle and expense of test failure. Ask a friend to make it easier to check the lights by walking round the vehicle and observing you reversing as any inoperative bulbs can be simply replaced ahead of the test.

• Act speedily - the early bird gets the worm when dealing with MOT testing. If you book your test in the month before your MOT is due to run out, your new certificate won't run out until exactly a year following the current certificate's end date - therefore giving you some extra breathing space before the next one.

They might sound like very easy tips, though putting in the time to run a couple of brief tests prior to your test and keeping up with consistent car servicing could save you considerable time and money in the long run.

Where might I find MOT garages near me?

If you would like more tips on MOT tests or need a reliable garage in your area you can search the Good Garage Scheme website. All garages available are checked to perform services to a strict Code of Conduct and rated by customers, to assure you'll choose one that has your best interests at heart.

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