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Any Birmingham-based business needing to use a commercial cleaning company located in the city should ensure that they use one that will be experienced, safe and that has the appropriate experience on hand to execute a commercial clean thoroughly. Here are five important elements to look at while looking for a cleaning company in the Birmingham area.

Whilst accreditation isn't strictly required for cleaning companies, those that have been certified with some kind of industry approval will give you extra reassurance that they have developed the relevant skills and know-how necessary to clean your company premises correctly and compliantly.

This is particularly essential for organisations whose business involves close contact with young people, senior citizens, people with disabilities and other vulnerable people. Before signing any cleaning agreement, always ask the cleaning company whether or not it can prove to you that it has been through sufficient criminal record checks on its cleaning staff. Where your premises regularly works with vulnerable groups, the commercial cleaning Birmingham company should send out cleaning staff who've passed a full police background check.

Prior to any contract or agreement being finalised, make sure that the cleaning company first provide you with a cleaning schedule that fully outlines how they intend to clean your premises. Amongst other considerations, it is advisable to make sure that the office cleaning Birmingham company has included each of the spots you deem most important to clean, and that they have excluded any areas of your building that you specifically asked that they avoid. Ultimately, the specs should clearly set out what you would like to accomplish from each clean and the steps they're going to take during each visit to achieve it.

Unless cleaning will only ever occur during working hours when the commercial premises are open, the majority of office cleaning Birmingham companies will must be a selected key-holder to be able to obtain access to your building. If a security alarm code is also needed to gain entrance to the property, then the commercial cleaning Birmingham company should be furnished with these access instructions. It is therefore crucial that the commercial cleaning company can provide information concerning how it intends to keep this access information and the key to your premises safe.

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