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The topic is  a bit sensitive especially for  women, ..and the men who want to  Eat all sorts and still look healthy . Well, I have been there and I can confirm to you that belly fat is the absolute  toughest to get rid of. As a matter of fact, You will need to lose fat on every other part of your body before the belly fat starts to cave. It is RIDICULOUS! 

Before you begin to read you need to know it is not going to be easy and you will most probably give up if you have the attention span of a goldfish . You should also know I am not one of those people who would tell you to keep eating all that nonsense you eat because "it does not matter how you look, what matters is how you feel" No! It does matter and you look bloated like an African pregnancy deity statue, so do something about it.

I realize not everyone can afford to use a gym so I'd try and make sure I use practical methods to describe how to solve this problem. Only two aspects to it, food and exercises.


   Stop eating so damn much � Cliche I know but still, STOP!
   That canned beverage is ruining your life. Don't drink canned bear or canned Schweppes or canned anything. Just don't!
   Less cabs more protein and fiber. Yes efo and egusi is good for you, eating bread 4 times a day isn't, that simple.
   Don't eat when it's late. Don't get up from your desk to make a quick cereal or grab a snack at 11pm, that's retarded.
   Don't over eat like everyday is Christmas. Everyday is not Christmas. You have a calender, use it.


   You can not spot reduce belly fat , so no! Those sit-ups you are doing won't help you� In-fact they might make things worse by simply tightening the muscles around the belly walls.
   You need to jog, run, sprint, hurdle e.t.c. It's like this, you don't have a thread mill but you have free road (courtesy of the government), get up early and exercise. You can start small, jog for 2 minutes and slow down to a stroll till u catch your breathe� Rinse and repeat this process for 20 minutes� Then increase to 30 subsequently� And then 40 e.t.c.
   Do the crunch, hold up a posture as if you were doing push-ups but instead of your palm, rest on your elbow and hold that position for 3 minutes (if you can) rinse and repeat.
   Do squats� Yup the same exercise ladies have been recently obsessed with for butt toning does wonders for your belly too. Do it in sets of say 30 or 50�

You will not see immediate improvements on the first day of course but you will begin to feel better and healthier from the first day. And gradually you will notice that belly fat escaping the confines of your solar plexus. (I have always wanted to use the phrase "solar plexus" in a sentence� I just want to thank God and the entire Africa for this opportunity�)

NB- Listening to some Nigerian Music while exercising helps a lot by taking up your workout output.

I hope I have helped somehow. Thanks for reading and God Bless! Source: dindindara.com

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